The Holy War



Date::June 1, 2012

Casus Belli

Casus Belli::Unholiness of Poison Clan


Status::Poison Clan Victory

Followed By

The Great Unjust Karma War of the Coalition


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{{#arraymap:The Losers|, |x|Alliances::x}}

The Holy War was a state of hostilities between The Losers and Poison Clan. It is believed to be the first alliance war since The Reset, and the only time Admin's alliance has gone to war.

The altercation allegedly began as a result of Admin's attacks upon LNIL. LNIL responded with a ballistic missile and Poison Clan posted a message recognizing the state of hostilities.[1] Admin responded with his own post recognizing hostilities, and attacked both Velocity111 and Unkajo, putting him at war with three Poison Clan government members.[2]

Given that Admin likes to mess with official Poison Clan documents, Velocity111 has now declared a solo-war on the entire Pixel Nations world.



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