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My Socialist Country


National Flag of the DPRC

The Democratic People's Republic of Chaego (DPRC) was founded by Great Leader Generalissimo Hyung. The Great Leader lead a band of Communist Guerrillas against the fascist state backed up by its imperialist allies, and after many arduous years of bloody struggle, the Guerrillas, Workers, and Peasants came out Victorious.

The DPRC continues to be led by the Worker's Party of Chaego, headed by President Hyung, and the Supreme Chegan People's Congress composed of representative workers from every province.

The official motto of the DPRC is coined by President Hyung: "Let us work together to build a prosperous future!".

Worker's Party of ChaegoEdit

The Great Leader and the WPC worked hard after winning victory to establish a socialist state for the benefit of the working class, and to secure the Revolution against reactionaries and counter-revolutionaries from taking back power. By 1965, it was declared that all capitalists of the former ruling class were eradicated and not a single trace of their existence was left standing. By the benevolence of the Party, the children and innocent families of the capitalists were embraced by the Party and Great Leader and given re-education within the newly established University system, free of charge, just as it is for all the people of Chaego.

The WPC organized a system of democratically run provinces throughout Chaego, where the WPC and the population of each province collectively runs the local economy to meet the needs of the province, and also cooperatively with the local economies of other provinces. Worker's Councils/Assemblies are held for each factory and other workplaces, where decisions are made with majority consensus and advice from the Worker's Party of Chaego, which has a representative cadre of 10 per province. The WPC representatives plays a mostly advisory role, but does enforce ideological adherence to any that slips into counter-revolutionary thought.

A bi-monthly meeting of the Supreme Chegan People's Congress is held in the capital city of Hyungyang, where the representative parties of each province, along with their local WPC cadre, attend to give reports on their provinces and make decisions for the country as a whole. The SCPC is moderated by the Hyungyang WPC Cadre, and presided over by the Great Leader. When national decisions are voted on, each province gets a single vote, and ties are broken by the Great Leader. 

Socialist System

Under the Party's wise leadership, the people began feeling the fruits of their labor by adhering closely to Socialist ideals. Housing was made a guaranteed right, as was healthcare, food, clothing, education, transportation, utilities and employment. The workers and peasants of the country all contribute their labor for the greater good, distributing the labor equally so the longest amount any person has to work is max. 4 hours a day. 

Of course, only people that contribute their labor to the country get any of the benefits of the system, contrary to popular belief that all is provided for nothing in return. Nothing would be produced without labor, so only those that produce are rewarded for their contributions to production. The elderly, disabled, and etc are taken care of by the healthcare and Ministry of Welfare, so they are exempt from having to work any hard labor unfitting to their abilities. The tasks that workers are to perform in workplaces are decided by the workers themselves in Worker's Assemblies that are held every week, and management of the workplaces (if deemed necessary according to the workplaces) is democratically elected by the workers in monthly elections from the pool of workers themselves. Wages are also decided by the workers. The only role the State plays in the workplaces is the WPC cadre that gives advice on issues that require it, as well as the construction of entertainment and leisure centers for workers.

Education Edit

Education is deemed one of the most important aspects of society by the Party, and is treated as such with the establishment and construction of the Chegan National University system, where grand centers of Public Education exist in every province of Chaego, and all citizens are guaranteed a free, full education. For ages 18 and under, school attendance is compulsory. Transportation primarily built for attending schools are built throughout the country, so that all students in every part of the DPRC is able to go their lessons without much difficulty. School uniforms, books, and supplies are all subsidized by the State, gifts from the Worker's Party and Great Leader in their commitment to literacy. The literacy rate of the DPRC is constantly rocketing sky high, and is expected to hit 100%, and remain at that level permanently. 

On top of their studies in general education, students are also engaged in healthy physical activity, combined with military training to defend the country at any time against the capitalists and their imperialist wars. Students are trained to be expert marksmen, conditioned to be in top physical shape, and also trained in guerrilla tactics taken from the Great Leader's writings on strategy, as well as learning from the examples of successful revolutionary struggles of the Vietnamese, Koreans, Soviet Partisans, Chinese, and etc. No military physical education course goes without political foundations, and classes are held by the WPC cadres on a regular basis, teaching the students about People's War, camaraderie, and so on. There is no discrimination based on gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, etc. and all peoples of Chaego are admitted into the education system and treated equally.


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