Article I ViewershipEdit

The viewers are those creepy guys and occasionally girls who watch The True Sasha the Co-Stars. They must do whatever the True Sasha tells them to because they are stricken by her good looks.

To become a Viewer, you must first meet these three simple requirements;

  1. Know who Sasha Grey is and be able to answer some basic questions about her.
  2. You may not be a virgin.
  3. You must play some nation sim.. I think it's named Pixel Nations?

Article II The True SashaEdit

The True Sasha uses her astounding looks to take command the alliance. The True Sasha is able to make whatever decisions she sees fit for the alliance. The True Sasha is not elected, The True Sasha may appoint her successor when they feel they must leave the position. The Original True Sasha is Sasha.

Article II Female Co-StarEdit

The Female Co-Star is the second in command of the alliance. Because of her alluring looks and good nature she is able to tell the Male Co-Stars what to do. She is the second in command of the alliance, and will lead the alliance in the absence of her mistress, The True Sasha.

Article III Male Co-StarEdit

The Male Co-Stars are appointed by The True Sasha, they can oversee whatever affairs within the alliance that The True Sasha may see fit. However, because they are so easy to find and have generally mild looks, they are only able to tell a cameraman or a viewer what to do.

Article IV CameramenEdit

The Male and Female Co-Stars may require a cameraman to take video of them. They may appoint a cameraman to take care of anything they need them to. The cameramen may be dismissed by The True Sasha, Female Co-Star or the Male Co-Star who appointed them.

Article V AmendmentsEdit

The True Sasha may make any necessary changes to the charter, with the approval of the Male Co-Stars and the Female Co-Star.

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