Delete this line before saving. {{Alliance Infobox |name=<!--Alliance name--> |flag=<!-- Form: ImageName.jpg or ImageName.png --> |warflag=<!-- Form: ImageName.jpg or ImageName.png --> |acronym=<!-- Optional --> |motto= |irc=<!-- Optional --> |forum=<!-- Optional --> |founded= |founders= |government= |members= |power= |nukes= |foreignrelations= }} ==History of {{PAGENAME}}== <!-- Your history here. --> ==Charter== <!-- Put your charter on a subpage, which will show up as a red link you can click. --> {{:{{PAGENAME}}/Charter}} ==Wars== {{Alliance Wars|<!--Acronym or Name if no acronym-->}} ==Treaties== {{Alliance Treaties|<!--Acronym or Name if no acronym-->}} ==Members== {{Alliance Members|<!--Acronym or Name if no acronym-->}}

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