Land is an extremely important part of your city. If your population density is too high, your happiness will be adversely affected. For that reason, players should pay attention to the following: density less than 50 people per sq. km. will increase the city's happiness by 1 point. Under 200 pop/ is considered happiness neutral since it neither increases nor decreases happiness. Under 350 density will result in a happiness penalty of 5 points, under 500 will result in a penalty of 8 points. If your city has a density under 750 then there is a 25 point happiness penalty, and if your city density is under 1000 then that city will be penalized 50 points of happiness. Under 1,300 density will result in a 65 point penalty, under 1,600 will result in 80 point penalty, under 10,000 will result in a 90 point penalty, and if your density is over 10,000 then your city will incur a 99 happiness point penalty.

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