This alliance merged with the Order of the Rose to form the Empire Of The Rose.



Alliance flag

Motto: Ambition, Fire, Empire

General Information
 -  Founded

July 5, 2012

 -  Founders

Sovereign, Greywall

Alliance Statistics

The Imperium was an autocratic alliance founded by Sovereign of Queenlandia and Greywall on or before 5 July 2012. Since its creation, Imperium has been one of the most powerful alliances on Pixel Nations. The alliance merged with the Order of the Rose to form a new alliance called the Empire Of The Rose.


Imperium was founded on or before 5 July 2012 by two CyberNations players Sovereign and Greywall. A neutral alliance from the beginning, Imperium started seeking members from the already flourished game of CyberNations, and at a point of time had more than 40 members.

On 11 August 2012, Pixel Nations was reset, as Anson became the game's owner. In its aftermath, only a few of its former members survived. Sovereign was overwhelmed in his real-life and Greywall decided not to return. Soon the alliance fell into the hands of TokeMaster of GanjaLand, declaring himself as Imperium's autocrat.

Rapid development ensued and the alliance gained enormous power within a few days. The alliance ranked 3 in-game early September 2012, with many members within the top 25 nations globally.

Imperium merged with the Order of the Rose. Together they created a new alliance called the Empire of the Rose.

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