Rounds Edit

A battle consists of 3 rounds. An offensive round, a defensive round and a tiebreaker.

the offensive round Edit

First off the game will calculate the offensive values of both armies. This is done with the following formula. First off the game randomly chooses a number between 1/28 and 1/58 this will be the modifier to your attack and adds a bit of luck to the game. Then the game calculates the total offensive value of both armies and multiply it with the randomly generated multiplier. The army with the highest offensive value wins this round. The value is calculated as follows attack*random_value*mobility

the defensive round Edit

Like during the offensive war. The game will randomly generate a number but this time between 1/30 and 1/60 and use that as a multiplier. The army with the highest defensive value will win this round. The value is calculated as follows defense*random_value*mobility

the tiebreaker round Edit

As the name suggests this round will only be held during a tie. If an army wins both the offensive and defensive war. That army will automatically win the tiebreaker round and battle. During this round the game will compare the offensive value of the winner of the offensive round to the defensive value of the winner of the defensive round. The army with the highest value wins this round.

victory conditions Edit

In order to win a battle, an army has to win at least 2/3 rounds.

example Edit

Lets say a Soldier is worth 5 Attack points and 5 defense points and a Sniper is worth 10 attack points and 4 defense points. Keep in mind that these are fictive numbers. The sniper has the highest attack value, so wins the attack. The Soldier has higher defense, so wins defense. Then, they go at each other again. The one who won Defense goes in with that number, so 5 The one who won Attack goes in with that number, so 10 At that final calculation, the Sniper is worth 10 and the soldier is worth 5. So Attack vs. Defense is the tiebreaker. So the sniper wins the battle.

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