This alliance has disbanded. (Note: No formal declaration was given. When the game went live on December 23rd the alliance was not remade.)

Anarchist Communist Initiative (Acronym::ACI)


Alliance flag

Motto: ¡Hasta la victoria siempre, libertad o muerte!

General Information
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 -  Founded

11 July 2012

 -  Founders

God the hater

 -  IRC

#ACI on Coldfront

Alliance Statistics of 13/8/2012
 -  Member Count


 -  Rank


 -  Minimum Power


 -  Power

Power::24.81 (Average: 2)

 -  Infantry


 -  Vehicles


 -  Aircraft


 -  Navy


 -  Ballistic Missiles


 -  Nukes


ACI endorses and supports (in anyway we like) any type of violence against anyone. This means scammers, swindlers, "terrorists", freedom-fighters, saboteurs, spy's (for us and against us), agent provocateurs, people performing black flag operations, people that write things that could be viewed as defamation, guerilla warriors, insurgents, resistance movements, underground resistances movements, people that just want to see the world burn, revolutionaries, militias, hired guns, paramilitaries, mercenaries, pirates, privateers, partisans, defectors, organized crime members, petty thieves, just normal criminals, rebellions, counter-rebellions, raiders and things I can't think of are all welcome to just move over. There are no requirements and demands, as soon as you set foot on the ACI alliance affiliation you're one of us. Everyone complaining about our actions will get a deal with it auto reply.

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